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1.5 (+/_) hungry for entertainment/convenience


1.5 (+/_) hungry for entertainment/convenience

Postby Milieu intérieur » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:49 am

Imagine a world in which the attribution depths of orders of intensionality trended toward ~1.5 (+/_), that entertainment delivery evolved and were spendng trillions cultivating an army of consumers. A world in which returns on investment weren't a hope for those involved, rather a commanding necessity.

An industry of a scale so pervasive it were the air many breathe.

Everything and anything of the world became subject to what minds do (for entertainment), a place where nothing is safe from wandering comparisons, nothing exists of its own, nothing stands alone.

A world cloaked with transparency, where the work in the field of the art of perceptions promises more of and for the ~1.5s (+/_). A world in which the practical necessities of considering sublimation and dissemblance were lost in the noise of media and advertizing fictions overlapping those mundane but otherwise satisfying-enough-every-day-realities, trespassing into the latter.

The warriors in the service of wouldn't qualify as ideological perhaps, in no way obviously so maybe, yet might serve ideology very effectively. The storm troopers of entertainment.

Convenience too. How taken are you with the modern abundances.
Milieu intérieur
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Re: 1.5 (+/_) hungry for entertainment/convenience

Postby *jj* » Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:34 pm

My own conceit would want to say, not a lot, but if you were to extend entertainment / convenience into "busyness" or even more specifically, "desired busyness", I'd be ambushed.

It depends too on each person's version of entertainment / convenience / busyness, of course and personal inclinations change these definitions as much as they do the old work / play dichotomy.

I'm inclined to think there is an aversion that is actively cultivated towards ... I don't know a word for it that isn't pejorative but let's say "day dreaming" and I'm as guilty as the next for that.

Watching preschoolers at present I am struck (forcibly) by the amount of active shaping that is going on into not valuing the solitary contemplating type of moments and encouraging activity / busyness.

I had thought I was always conscious of and NOT in favour of it, but ...

One of my favourite books of many years ago which you have reminded me of is Erich Fromm's "TO HAVE OR TO BE" ... it was a real challenge to me then and I suspect would be even more so now ... I think I won't read it again!
I might re-read Illich's "Imprisoned In The Global Classroom" again though ... which, iirc, picks up on our learned dependencies for our moves.

Anyhow I don't know if any of these ruminations connect with yours at all, Mi, but they are prompted by yours.

G'night All
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Re: 1.5 (+/_) hungry for entertainment/convenience

Postby Milieu intérieur » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:55 am

Saturday morning was having my usual chat with council guys at the tip, anyway I encouraged canine larry out of the vehicle for a pee. He's on a retracting lead. The nearest other vehicle was the council trainee's. Larry ventured toward one of the wheels of that vehicle fairly quick before i'd properly turned and retracted the lead and headed over for a little walk to the fence to tie him on there. I had an idea he'd probably cock his leg on the 4x4 rim/tyre, which were impressive rims/tyres, clean too. Anyway the kid saw this about to happen out the side of his head even though distracted by another customer at the tip, and wasn't apparently initially looking in larry's direction. About the same time I was to divert larry the trainee said something to discourage the dog (being allowed) to pee on the tyre.

It's not the first time larry looking like he's going to or has cocked his leg on someones rims/tyres and got adverse attention, even caused alarm.

A hunch has me that human wheeled vehicles are tied up with social status, they're status symbols. And that a canine cocking its leg on the wheels to some can be an offensive liberty, a disrespect (keep it a secret, but sometimes ol' pees on his own tyres, perfectly sober).

What does this have to do with the attractions of slick world version 1.5+/_ and its little army.

Maybe it's that attributing that .5+/_ by way of the generalization entertainment that it becomes a reciprocal thing.

There'll be no questioning the panderings to things that remain largely as instinctive as larry peeing on someones car tyre.
Milieu intérieur
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