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Re Direct Librairies


Re Direct Librairies

Postby Babs2 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:54 pm

New desktop running 8.1.

After a week or so of setting it up I discovered I had a bigger partition set up on C: labelled D:Data, I found out why this is so and decided it was a good idea. (Never had this before on a new computer).

So I researched and discovered how to redirect my Libraries to the partition labelled D:Data

I copied over my files. I understood some of my programmes may need their save to defaults changed.

I went into the Word set up and changed the Save default.

At the moment I have left all the original files on the C: drive until I'm sure the new location is working well before I delete them.

I tested it out with a Word document today and find that my files are still being saved in the original C: Libraries as well as the new D: location. Is there something more I need to do?

I was also planning on setting up its File backup on to my Homegroup laptop but will hold off for now until I know what I'm doing.

It was very useful when the old desktop died and I had all my libraries backed up on the laptop.

Few other weird things happening but I won't bore you all by going into them now.
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