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Internets in the sticks


Internets in the sticks

Postby buffy » Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:01 pm

Recently in Casterton if I use my dongle/wingle the Tokyo3 forums become unavailable. The message says takes too long to respond. However, if I open up my old dialup account (which still has a few hours on it) the forums work, albeit a bit slowly. My tech friend is not in a good mood today and is angry with me for not using a laptop or phone. He has, however, updated the Firefox browser for me on that CPU and made it the default browser. Previously it was set for Explorer as default and as it is running on XP that cannot be updated.

It's an old computer, just used very occasionally for writing letters and quickly checking the Tokyo3 forums, here, ABC JustIn and the emergency sites. Although the emergency sites are becoming a bit bells and whistles now too.

Maybe fixing the browser will solve the problem. I won't know until I take the CPU back there in a couple of weeks and try it out. I also have reservations about the wireless network in Casterton, which seems to suffer from a bandwidth problem quite frequently.

Any comments?
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Re: Internets in the sticks

Postby *jj* » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:08 am

This is just a post in solidarity, buffy ... no earthly use.

I, too, have an XP I use periodically.

It's the only computer with picasa left on it and I do still like it.

I also have a (very old) Hellstra dongle which I use here in the Adelaide Hills periodically (and exclusively when I go bush)

I find the connectivity is variable; the dongle switches automatically between 3G, 4G and something with a green light called EDGE (don't ask me) but NONE of them are reliable or fast HERE.

When I am in the bush it is either lightning fast OR no service at all, not the dodgy in-between of the Mylor Exchange

I know that's no use for you, but is an indication of how variable, and thus difficult to diagnose, these things can be.

This past week I have received snail mail "To the internet lover" (hehehe) telling me of the speeds I CAN get if I just connect now that the NBN is here; yes, they say, right here
We will see.
Wishing you well.
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